A national level technical event organised by the department of Information Technology, K.K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research, Nashik.


About IT Department

The Department of Information Technology was established in 2001 with an intake capacity of 30 and later increased to 60 students in 2002.

The department has excellent computing facilities which include eight software and hardware laboratories. The laboratories are equipped with more than 227 computer systems with latest hardware configuration and software tools. Various applications software like IBM, Rational Suite, Oracle 9.0i, Visual Studio, 3D Studio MAX and others are available with the department which is in accordance with the latest trends in the technology. A separate Language Lab is established with the necessary training software for the soft skill development. Departmental library facility is also extended to both staff as well as the students.


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Bugs & Booster

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"
We all have played this extremely popular and appealing game as young notorious freaks ...Its time to revisit the good old days and play it with a slightly modified technological twist. Roll the colossal dice, and be prepared to answer a technical, logical or general knowledge question every time you land on a snake or a ladder.
"It is not just an event is a PHENOMENA!! 
Get ready for the nostalgic joyride in time!!"
Registration Fees:  
Rs: 100/- per team (2 members in each team)
• First team to reach the end of the board is declared winner and the game ends.
• If a game takes more than 20 minutes to complete then the team which has progressed the furthest is declared the winner and the game ends.
• When a team lands on a snake, the team whose turn comes after them are allowed to choose the question for the current team from a group of unseen questions. If the current team answers correctly, they are not penalized for landing on a snake. However, an incorrect answer will get them penalized and the team will follow the snake down.
• When a team lands on a ladder, they will choose their own question from a group of unseen questions and similarly, a correct answer will allow them to take the ladder up. If answered incorrectly, they cannot climb the ladder.
• All other rules are as per the classic Snakes and Ladders.

Ultimate Coder

An ULTIMATE CODER, The event is not only to test your Programing skills but to test your ability to handle pressure, distractions and deadlines.
"It is easy to be a coder, but very hard to be an ULTIMATE CODER"
 Registration  Fees: 
 Rs:- 50/- per participant 
 Rs:- 80/- per group(max 2 member) 
Round 1: Reverse Coding
In this round the participants will be given an output of the program or pattern, so by identifying it  they have to develop a source code for the same. Using C, C++, Java.
Time Limit: 10 mins 
Round 2: Jumble Coding
In this round, 2 jumble source code will be provided with the output, the program will be in incorrect format . The participants would need to solve this code by arranging the code in proper format and sequence in given time limit.
Time Limit: 10 mins
Round 3: Ultimate Coding 
Here the finalists will be given any scenario and expected to solve the problems through coding.


A  CID  event that comprises of our break through event for this year edition of ITIAZZA 2K18. Bring out the Detective in You and fulfil your wish of being a Sherlock Holmes at least for the fun of a day. 
“The truth remains buried....Until you find It!” 
Registration Fees:  
Rs:-200/- per poster ( min 4 max 5 member)
• First team to solve the case is declared winner and the game ends.
• 1 hour will be given to each team for solving  the Case.
• Selection of Team from 1st round would be based on time 
• Same for 2nd & 3rd round .
1.Each team should have at least 4  members. To make it interesting  they will choose a character from CID to play.
2.If any team member is found  taking help from any other person/volunteers the team will immediately  disqualified .
3.Once you have Solved the Case you should not tell answer to other team.  In Such case both team will be disqualified. 
Event Date:  20th  March 2018



Assemble IT

This is an event to showcase your talent of how much you know about the computer and computer network and it’s  parts. 
"A Real Engineer is the one who know how to find solution for any problem" 
Here is an event for hardware lovers.
Registration  Fees:
Rs:- 80/- per group( 2 member) 
Round 1: 
The participants will be given an keyboard whose key are removed and they have to place the 
keys at the proper place. Time of completion of every team will we noted.
Round 2: 
The participants will be given a CPU with some problem and the participants have to find 
the problem as well as they have to fix it. Again Time of Completion will be noted.
Round 3: 
Surprise round.
▪ Each Round will take place for a maximum of 20 minutes.
▪ Each team can have 2 members or 1 member.
The Team who wins the 3rd Round will be declared as the “WINNER”.
Event Date: 21st March 2018 



Code Hunt

A CODE HUNT event that comprises of our break through event for this year edition of ITIAZZA 2K18.If you are coder and want to play Treasure Hunt on Computer then Welcome to CODE HUNT.Let the game be ventured.
The event will be conducted in three rounds: 
Round 1: 
In this round there will be  MCQ's on basic programming.
Round 2: 
In this round each team will be given a riddle, whose clue is the password of the computer system. After that there will be a folder containing a programming question 
and another riddle and folder with lots of folders.Teams will have to solve the riddle & find clue to get the next programming question and another riddle. 
Round 3:
A One Real Time Situation is given to all participants & participants will have to build a code for that situation.
▪ In this event a team of maximum 2 members can participate. 
▪Teams can solve the Programming question in following languages – C, C++, Java, Python. 
▪ Finding a clue by solving riddle and solving a problem will be given similar points (each 10 points). 
▪Team which score most will be the winner. 
▪In case of a tie the team whose codes are most efficient will be the winner.
Registration Fees:  
Rs:-50/- per participant
Rs:-80/- per group(max 2 members)
Event Date:  20th  March 2018




"Bring out the PLAYER in You"
Fulfil your wish of being a PROFESSIONAL FIFA PLAYER at least for the fun of a day. 
Registration Fees:  
Rs: 50/- head
Round 1 & Round 2: 
Will be on laptops 1 vs 1
Controller options:- keyboard/gamepad
Round  3: 
Onwards will be on projector
Event Date:  20th March 2018



Mock Placement

"Where Ideas Meet Opportunities"
Showcase your talent with Awareness , communication skills, knowledge of reasoning and logical skills on our platform.
Registration Fees:  
Rs: 50/- per person 
Round 1: Aptitude test
Round 2: Group Discussion
Round 3: Personal Interview

Color Palette

"An artist's double-expression of his own artistry" 
You can paint a wonderful future by making purposeful marks✅, but you do not have to do so simply with your mind in order to attract what you want... Art enables us to find ourselves and loose ourselves at the same time..🙌 
Let your imagination go wild 🔥, paint 🎨the thoughts and let everyone know your strength😎...
Registration Fees:
Rs:- 70 for 2 students 
Poster Topics:
1.Technology as a core strength of nation
2. Effect of social networking
3. E-agriculture 
4. What makes country better
Poster should be submitted by 17th to 19th March 2018
Event Date:  Posters will be displayed  on  20th  March 2018.